The battle for Africa timeline, was a story arch that took place in March 2013 of the Assassins Creed roleplay subreddits.

Key TemplarsEdit

The arch was started by Mrdabakkle and Victor Blake, and was a plot by the templars to create a mind altering drug that would allow the citizens of Africa to be more eaisly controlled.

Agent Loki, was added to the list as the second in command under dabakkle as the security force to make sure the operation went as planned.

Most templars, that were contributing to the sub reddit at the time were involved.

Key AssassinsEdit

Assassin involvement was led by the Mentor WolfKingAdam, who caught wind of the operation and planned a strike team to disrupt the base of operations in South Africa.

Most assassins that were contributing to the sub reddit at the time were involved.

Events Leading up to the BattleEdit

These events are, the conversations and experiments that led to the release of the drug.

Negotiating peace between leaders

The drug is finished

Testing begins

The airborne machine is ready to transmit

Saftery parameters

The assassins and their plan of attackEdit

These events are the plans the assassins made to attack South Africa.

Orginsing the strike team

Operation Vryheid

Trickle down effect

Forming the strike teams

Teams are finalized


The assassin plans are finalized

The assassins move out

Time has run out - the battle is upon us

Flying to Africa

Setting up camp and waiting

Toast to the fallen

Last call for tech upgrades, before the fight

Two hours to the attack

It's started

The Battle TimelineEdit

Here is a comprensive list of each post in cronological order of the attack.

The Battle Timeline