Blaine Hooker
Vital statistics
Position Currently unaffiliated, unknowingly has Templar ties
Age 30
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5 ft
Weight 140 lbs.


Blaine was born to a happy family in the rough streets of Chicago's South Side. While not unaware as to the tumult around him, he managed to stay on the straight and narrow, growing up to be a well-known listener with an interest in the culinary arts. (Unfortunately, due to financial issues, he was forced to put college on hold) He currently works at a Golden Nugget in the Diversey neighborhood as a waiter. He also has a boyfriend, named Franklin, who he's been engaged to for almost two years. As of late, Franklin has begun displaying secretive tendencies and asking Blaine bizarre questions. Not helping was the cross-shaped pendant Blaine came across absently. What was Franklin hiding.....?


Blaine stands at five foot; with a slim build and long auburn hair that rests at his shoulders. He possesses a Native American skin tone, complimented by dark green eyes.


Blaine has been been called a boy-scout many times before. Blaine wears his heart on his sleeve. A quiet man, Blaine is the guy you generally don't notice in the back of the group until somebody needs help. He notices minor details others generally ignore, but rarely speaks up unless required. If anything, he's perfectly content with oberving those around him from a distance. He has a charisma that allows people to open up to him as well, and is quick to offer a crying shoulder or a helping hand. On the other hand, when facing a dilemma, he can become stone-cold and put others around him off. He also has difficulty with certain social cues. While not naive, he can also say stupid things at times.