Dean Christopher Clark, also known under the alias of "Chip", is a nineteen year old male with mousy brown and atomic blue hair, green eyes, and several piercings including: 5/8g stretched lobes, industrial cartilage on both ears, tongue, and eyebrow. Chip was recruited by former Mentor, Adam Beckett after being talked down from committing suicide in Brooklyn, NY.

Early LifeEdit

At the ripe young age of ten years old, Chip has had trouble obeying authority and keeping his nose clean. He always had a knack for finding trouble, and he felt right at home on the streets. He acted with more care once his brother, Chase, began to adopt his habits. 

When Chip was fifteen years old, his parents were unable to tolerate his behavior and kicked him out of their home in Yonkers, NY. Having no other family to turn to, Chip took to joining a small gang called "Sin".

Sin was a rather small gang based in NYC, consisting of twenty-two men and women that Chip had met mostly through school. High stakes wasn't their game, and it kept most of their members safe. For the most part, Sin operated for larger gangs, selling drugs and violence for a competitive price. During his time in Sin, Chip was largely into the selling game, and was only called to violence about five times. Chip has never actually witnessed someone dying, only near death experiences.

After about four years of "gang" membership, Chip had worked his way up in the ranks. Originally, he gained his alias from a higher-up in Sin, who simply didn't actually care to learn his name. Chip did end up becoming fairly well respected throughout the ranks for the work he did, but he still found himself unhappy with the path he'd chosen in life. Each day became harder than the last to deal with than the last. After nearly a year of feeling this way, Chip saw no end in sight and decided to take his life.

Dean Christopher Clark; "Chip"
Vital statistics
Position Disciple
Age 19 (Born 3 August 1995)
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'11
Weight 180lbs

Life As An AssassinEdit

In a twist of fate, Chip ended up meeting former Mentor Adam Beckett atop the Brooklyn Bridge. After a long conversation, Adam talked Chip down and offered him a position amongst the most secretive organization Chip would ever know. Thinking he was simply joining another gang, Chip reluctantly accepted, knowing that the members of Sin would do little to stop him from leaving.

Though Chip is still fairly new to Assassin life, he's determined to prove his worth to those who matter. Chip dislikes many who are in the order, but has found friendship with Adam and Lupercal.

Chip is still in training, but is eager to put his old life behind him and use his newly acquired skills to undo the mistakes he's made in the past. However, Chip still has a problem imagining the Templars as anything other than old Englishmen discussing Christ and the End of Days.

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