Daniella is Mason's love interest and lived with him in his den. She's helped Mason on numerous occasions and Mason credits her with keeping him sane sometimes.


Daniella was born Febuary 23rd 1997 in Venice, Italy. Her parents were Fernando Guaritore, an archeologist and her mother Tianna Guaritore, a zookeeper. After her father died in an accident on one of his excavation sites, Tianna and Daniella left to America where Tianna got a job working at Central Park Zoo. Daniella claims that her mothers job and her father's old guitar is what got her into loving both music and animals.

Daniella was relatively good student who liked to volunteer at Dr.Acosta's vet clinic in the summers and play guitar to the rescues. She developed a close relationship with a collie named Juliet until 2 years after rescue, Juliet developed cancer. Daniella offered to be the one to put her down.

Daniella was in her Junior year at Talented Unlimited Highschool in Manhattan when the No Hope situation occured. The military set up protection zone in Central Park and her mother was falsely accused of being a bomber and was executed by the previous mayor, Micheal Henmen before the Assassin Mason could stop him. Mason couldn't quell the ensuing riot and so, fled with Daniella and buried her mother. Mason took in Daniella and allowed her room and board in his den while he was off on missions.

Mason and Daniella were kidnapped by a man named Louis De Los Perdidos not long after No Hope and they were held captive on an island in the Bermuda Triangle. Daniella was used as leverage as Mason and to prove a point, Louis carved an assassin symbol into her cheek as a way of saying it was the Assassins' fault that she was in that situation. Mason eventually broke free and went after Louis, who injured Mason. Daniella managed to carry Mason to a supply boat and escape the island. Daniella was murdered by Vigilante sometime in August, 2013.


  • Daniella is the female version of the name Daniel, who survive the den of lions in the old testament. This is alluding to when Mason saved her from Central Park's riot.
  • Her middle and last name, Cuore Guaritore translates to Heart Healer.
  • Daniella feels jealous when ever Mason speaks of his old love interest, Gianna.
  • Not having any other choice for clothing, but not wanting to look exactly like either, Daniella wears a mix of Gianna and May's old outfits.
  • Gianna's mother's original last name was Estacato.