Django Furtivo

Django Furtivo, an Italian assassin, joined the brotherhood on April 18, 2013. He is a descendant of Niccolo Machiavelli. His nickname is The Bandit. 

Young LifeEdit

As a young boy, Furtivo was abused till he ran away when he was twelve. Since he left, he became a bandit; stealing food, swiping purses, etc. When he was 16 he started learning parkour and the arts of escape. He was recruited to the brotherhood when he was 18.


  • Hidden Blade
His blade was made from an old part of a drawer he found in the dump. Using old belts, he attached it to his left wrist.
  • Dagger
Furtivo's dagger is called Nox. It was given to him by Scotty the day he joined the Brotherhood at the Ireland den.
  • Slingshot
His favorite weapon is the Slingshot. Nothing too special, just a metal slingshot with a foldable rest for his arm. Fires rocks, pebbles, and the occasional flammable ball of yarn.


  • Freerunning
His strongest skill is freerunning. After years of practice, he is almost perfect at the art of parkour, although he trips quite frequently.
  • Pickpocketing
Not his greatest ability (he has been slapped by a multidude of women before), he has stolen his fair share of bills. 
  • Swordsmanship
Furtivo's weakest quality is swordfighting. If he was fighting against a three-year-old with a pool noodle, he would most likely lose.