Sophie Lies "Grim" Eldgrim
Vital statistics
Position Novice
Age 18 (Born September 17, 1995)
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 1.58m (5'2")
Weight Unknown

Sophie Lies Eldgrim (Grim) is a new assassin. She's originally from America, but moved to England when she was very young.

Early LifeEdit

Grim was born in Glendale, AZ on September 15, 1995 and moved to England in 1999 when her father had a job opportunity in London, England. Though she's lived in England for most of her life, Grim still sports her American accent. 

Ever since she was old enough to walk, Grim has had a thing for picking pockets. With time, practice, and help from her brother Auron, Grim has become a master pick pocket. Grim has become a decent fighter, due to her clumsy pick pocketing causing a couple of fights. Though most fights were with drunken transients.

Teenage YearsEdit

When Grim turned 13, her brother Auron moved back to the States and he gave her a dog tag with her name on it. When her brother left, Grim found herself getting into more trouble. Her troublesome behavior cost her everything she had. When she attempted to pick a wealthy man's pocket, he had her father killed and her mother convinced that Grim was dead. In her grief, Grim's mother killed herself and left a note. Every so often, Grim hears her mother's voice singing a haunting song to her.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Grim has long red hair and light violet eyes. She's slim and somewhat short, at a 5 ' 2 . She wears the dogtag that her brother Auron gave to her when she was 13, along with a gray zip up hoodie, brown jeans, black boots, and green wrist guards.


Grim is very over confident in her abilities, and is very cocky in general. Grim isn't usually very rude to anyone, and usually keeps a leveled head. After having her family taken away from her, Grim hopes to never kill anyone-- as she believes she'll be robbing someone of their happiness. She is angered easily and can get violent at times. Grim is usually sarcastic and somewhat aloof.