Miau is a unambitiousTemplar assistant, living out his days under the careful wings of the Abstergo society. Given a "Devoted Student" title by Crow. He does not directly take part in fights or battles; preferring to keep to the side lines and helping his comrades instead. 
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Usefulness to AbstergoEdit

Not being able to contribute using battle skills, Miau finds his job elsewhere. 


  • Medical Assitance ( Liscensed Doctor )
  • Long Range Shooting 
  • Representive of Connections with Abstergo's Affiliations 
  • Transportation Specialist 
  • Information Specialist

Participated Missions and AssignmentsEdit

  • Hong Kong ;  ( Beginnings ) // Assistance to daBakkle and Lynxx
  • Pacific Ocean ; ( Sign up ) // Assistance to Jon Lockhe 

Personal InformationEdit

Full name: Miau Milky Maoyuu 
Account Link: miau-tan
Sex: Male
Age: Unkown
One-word Summary: Minimalist
Ethnicity: Russian/Asian

Dogwood Blossoms

Height: 5'1" / 152cm 
Body Type: Short and slim

Characteristics: A platinum blonde with an eye color that resembles the deeper colors of a heather flower; relatively short compared to the average American height. 
Favorite Posession: Stolen Assassin's forage cap
Favorite Food: Risotti and Guimauve
Favorite Flower: Dogwood 
Pet: Goldfish
Secret Passion For: Sea glass and slag

Past to PresentEdit

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Born on May 1st in Russia, Miau grew up in a normal home setting. In his later years, he met his first connection to the Templars, Harvey. He partnered up with Harvey for a long while until Harvey backed down from his position in the Abstergo Industries, leaving Miau to his own.
As a late-joiner to the world of Templars and Assassin's, Miau isn't very knowledgable of 
the ancient past that was shared between the two battling forces. He doesn't mind the fact much as he completes every mission and assignment to the best of his abilities, earning him a decent amount of respect.
He lives with his former partner in a condominium located in Hawaii, only leaving the islands for work.