What Naitiri looks like. (Thanks for your pic, uh, random google images lady)

Naitiri is black with light amber eyes and long, natural African hair.  She's 19.  She was born and raised in Ghana, but moved to Scotland when she was sixteen and somehow managed to get by.  As a result, she speaks English, the official language of Ghana, Scots language, the ancient language of Scotland, and Latin, with a mixed Ghanian and Scottish accent.  She's trying to figure out where she fits in with the Order, and why the Templars killed her family and her boyfriend.  Naitiri uses a bow, a dagger, and lots of poisons

Life in GhanaEdit

Naitiri's father was never around very much, so she was raised away from civilization where she and her mother were safe.  Her mother taught her to use her weapons, because they needed food.  Even though she never went to school, Naitiri received a very good education through all of the books she read.  When she was fifteen, she decided she wanted to see the world outside of Ghana.  She saved up money and eventually got to Scotland by the time she was sixteen.  The day after she arrived in Scotland, she heard that her mother, father, and boyfriend were killed by Templars back home.

Getting the Order's AttentionEdit

Naitiri had read books about the Templars and knew that their enemy was the Assassins.  She immediatly found out their general location in Scotland and started killing Templars around the area.  She got Adam's, the UK mentor's, attention and was able to join the Order.  She is now part of the Irish group of assassins and is getting advice from Juris MacIntosh.