Satellite view of New York City.

New York, often referred to as New York City or the City of New York to distiguish it from the State of New York, which it is a part of, is the center of the New York Metropolitan Area. It is an important city leading the world in finance, commerce, art, media, fashion, research, technology, education, and entertainment. The Eastern American headquarters of Abstergo Industries is located here at the Abstergo Towers, three skyscrapers in the middle of the city.

Templar Influence in the CityEdit

Being the headquarters for Abstergo on the Eastern Seaboard, the Templars have a firm grasp on scientific research and politics in the city and the state, especially with the newly appointed mayor being a Templar. Dr. Victor Blake, who worked with Dr. Warren Vidic as a research assistant on the Animus Project, currently works in Abstergo as the head of Scientific Research. Dr. Blake has been involved with memory research into Subject 21 (Ezekiel Jetago Akulov, also known as 'Jet') to obtain information.

Dr. Blake is also responsible for starting research on Arrow, an assassin who was captured by Agent Lynxx. Blake began working on a way to convert the assassin through the use of the Animus, trying and failing to create a new Templar under the codename Agent M.

Assassin Influence in the CityEdit

Even with Abstergo's large influence in the city, the assassins maintain a large foothold, in the form of a small den (once larger) that helps connect the New York assassins to the rest of the world. The video attacks helped slightly increase the Assassin's influence on the public. A few notable assassins reside in New York, and New York was one of the primary locations of Operation Extrarium. There is a current power struggle between both factions for control of the NYPD, continuously resulting in stalemates.

Assassins Currently Located in the CityEdit

  • Ross Kreen 
  • Sarah
  • Veronica 
  • Rowan
  • Arctic Soul
  • Owen Baker
  • Abigail Averys

Templars Currently Located in the City Edit

  • Simon Gray
  • Erik Conrad
  • Jon Connington
  • Victor Blake