Remy runs has a base of operations in New Orleans, but spends the majority of his time on the bayou guiding fishing and hunting trips as a cover. He is 22 years old. He has dark brown hair, blue eyes, and a fleur-de-lis tattoo on his upper right arm. He lives on his little ship with his Catahoula cur named Lee.


Remy grew up on family land near Houma, Louisiana. His father taught him to live off the land by fishing and hunting. He learned to camp and live off of what he could hunt and gather. His mother encouraged him to read and expand his mind. She taught him in literature, philosophy, and religion on top of his traditional school studies. His family had long-reaching ties into the Order and were shaping him for his future induction. Upon his 18 birthday, his family history was revealed to him and he was set to begin his training. He never began his formal training though. His house was raided and he barely escaped. He spent a few years working out of New Orleans before he saved enough money to open up his little business venture. For these past few years, Remy has attempted to repress his assassin calling, but it is time to reach out. He needs to learn about the fate of his parents.


Survival (Hunting, fishing, campin)

Bayou knowledge (plants, animals, tracking, and travel)