Michael "Reveriel" Chambers
Vital statistics
Position Unranked
Age 22 (Born on December 17, 1990)
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'10
Weight 160lbs
 Michael "Reveriel" Chambers is currently in hiding.

Early LifeEdit


Teenage YearsEdit

In Michael's teenage years, he was noted as a very troubled young man. He was said to have a very "strange" sense of humor and an uncommon disregard for those around him.

Michael would often pull things apart and attempt to put them back together. He would also spend his time constructing explosives and playing around with computers and programming. When Michael was fifteen, he started training to become a sniper and thoroughly enjoyed his lessons. Once he became good at his weapon training, Michael took an interest in weapons and firearms--learning how they were put together and how they functioned.

In 2003, his good friend Zanza was sent out on a mission in which he was not a part of. Roughly a month after she left, news came back of her demise. From that point, Reveriel wanted nothing more than to bring down the Assassin Order and began taking his lessons and research more seriously.

Making the ChangeEdit

Reveriel was an Assault agent in Operation Achar . In this mission, he figured it'd be as simple as snuffing out a few assassins and demolishing the compound. However, he found quite a few things that would change his life forever.

After sneaking around and looking for things that may have been useful to him, Reveriel comes face to face with Zanza--whom he thought had been dead for nearly ten years. At first he doesn't recognize her but after a brief conversation, he realizes that his best friend has made quite a change of lifestyle. Faced with the decision of duty and loved ones, Reveriel stabs Zanza with the intention of ending her life. However, Zanza did survive.

As Reveriel walked out of that room, he came across another assassin--Emily. After some deceit, he convinces her that he's an assassin but later attempts to kill her. Emily effortlessly knocked him unconscious and took him with her to the York den, where he was held for weeks--months, even.

Zanza and Reveriel reunite and have a relatively short discussion. After some not-so-needed torture, Reveriel is offered the chance to change factions and serve as an assassin. He has not yet made a decision.

Personality and SkillsEdit

Michael speaks his mind, but usually does so in a joking manner. He is a very sarcastic person, very hard headed, decisive, and he also has a very twisted sense of humor. Michael tends to be distant from others, especially now that he's being held by the Assassins.

As mentioned before, Michael has skills as a sniper and is fairly skilled in the tinkering department. He did have some training in unarmed combat, however, it's not exactly something he'd ever brag about.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Michael is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs about 175lbs. He has short brown hair, blue eyes, and a light stubble. Usually seen wearing a button down shirt and slacks.