Sergeant Spencer "Wonka" Belmont (USAF) is an Assassin turned Templar. Born on December 10, 1987. His current position with Abstergo Industries is as a political, intelligience collection, military, and targeting analyst researching backgrounds on important targets, locations, or items. He and the other analysts brief and debrief field agents before and after missions. 

Early Life: The Military and the AssassinsEdit

Needing funds for college, Belmont joined the United States Air Force. Belmont was never very athletic and barely skimmed by basic training thanks to his Uncle Paul who served as a Colonel in the Air Force years prior. Immediately after completing basic training, Belmont and many others were deployed to Iraq. It was there in the Faw Penninsula that Spencer Belmont met two British soldiers by the names of Cole Kennedy and Milo Rowan, assassins. After multiple missions Belmont, Kennedy, and Rowan grew very close and slowly taught Belmont of the assassin ideals. It was then that Belmont began defending a blind faith towards the Assassins. Years into the war, Spencer Belmont reached the rank of Sergeant but decided to give up his military career for the Assassins. He, Cole, and Milo faked their deaths with an IED explosion destroying their tank and everything inside. With his new life as an Assassin he rose to the rank of Mercenario.

Budapest: The Enlightenment Edit

It was in Budapest on April 13, 2013 that Belmont's life was changed forever. Sent to ambush a Templar blacksite safehouse, Belmont came face to face with James 'Loki' Rook, a Master Knight specialized in Recovery. It was there Rook pointed out Belmont's blind faith toward the Assassin Order, and showed him how the Assassins couldn't possibly win. Finally breaking free of his blind faith, Belmont came to the conclusion that the Templar Order was indeed the superior. Rook and Belmont left the safehouse and together went to Abstergo where Belmont learned more of Abstergo's and the Templar's goals. Belmont left his rank of Mercenario behind and started over, this time as a Student to the Order, quickly after becoming a Devoted Student to the Order. He currently works for Abstergo as an analyst. 

Personality & TraitsEdit

Spencer Belmont is considerably on the serious side when it comes to important matters. He has a great sense of humor, but when its time to buckle down there's no room for jokes. He is quite intelligient and an avid reader. History is his favorite subject. He is a 5'7" American male with tan skin. Dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He prefers to wear long sleeves as he has a very noticeable scar on his right arm due to an old cancer battle that could be used to spot him.