This project was a templar operation to retain control of New York the main purpose of this opertation was to reduce the influx of crime and homelesness in the city. The recently elected mayor Bill de Bliaso agreed for the overseer of the project Nathanael DaBakkle to begin construction on a set of apartment complexes for the homeless of the city.

The homeless would then be given jobs at Abstergo factories to support themselves. A tram system would be built to transport people from the apartments, to the factories, and Abstergo owned grocery stores.

The project would clean up the streets, and give Abstergo a hold on the local economy. 

Ulterior MotivesEdit

Nathanael DaBakkle the head of Abstergo Towers in New York and also an archelogist and excavator had other reasons for starting this project. Recent discoveries of fist civ artifacts beneath the city were unearthed. Abstergo would buy the land and use the constuction happening in the Spring of 2014 as a means to hide collecting the artifacts.

Templar InvolvementEdit

Nathanael DaBakkle the overseet of the project.

Michael Fairbanks the architect of the project.

Johnathan Rourke second in command archelogist on the project.

Bill de Blasie a Templar pupper and mayor of New York

Assassin InvolvementEdit

Thomas a Mentor in Europe saw a CNN report of plans for Abstergo to build a place for the homeless of New York. This worried the mentor, and after doing some digging of his own he discoverd the first civ artifacts under the area of land bought by Abstergo. Knowing DaBakkle and his past as an archelogist he thought it weird that Abstergo wouldn't in trust an architect to the project. Guessing at the templar plans he set out to kill DaBakkle hoping to grab at least some of the artfacts and keep the grand temple out of Templar hands.