Luis Vance is a 17 year old who joined the order when he was saved from a gang of "Bloods" by an assassin in his Fort Worth appartment.

Luis has a history of abuse from his foster parents having never know his real parents he can only dream of what they would be like. Steven is a tulpa ,turned alternate personality, that Luis created in order to cope with the lonleyness of living in a house with no love.

When Luis tried to leave for Boston to Train with Syo he is captured by agents of Abstergo (AKA Templars) he escaped through unknown means and made his way to Boston.

After finding out that Steven took control in order to free them selves from the templars, Luis made is way to Boston where he was taken to a warehouse after fainting from an infection in his hand that spread though his arm. Because of the cocktail of drugs that the abstergo agents gave him and the anesthtic used while Syo operated on Luis, Draco a repressed Tulpa now alternate personality escaped a mental wall. Draco attempted to kill Syo and Owen but was knocked out by Syo. Later Mentor Adam came to help Luis re-suppress Draco.